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Helping Local Aussies

To raise financial support to do all kinds of awesome things for the community, we launched 369life on 15 March 2021. 

Our Universal Assignment is for Freedom and Empowerment – a brand new beginning for our fellow Soul Travellers. We aim to bring Justice & Joy to many lives worldwide.

Hope Foundation was founded in 2012 and has been providing support to children, the elderly and local families most at need in communities across Australia.

This is a not-for-profit, charitable, non-government organisation, a philanthropic, private foundation.

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Hope Foundation 2012-2021

“… The professionalism of staff at 369life is absolutely fantastic. Many thanks for great service & support!”

Albert Jamison



How are we different?


A Consultant, Life Coach, or Mentor, is a Strategic Management specialist skilled in business and personal development, defining your career goals.


We help people to heal from the past, manifest their heart’s desire & tap into unlimited Universal Energy. 369life may kick-start a new beginning for your life!


369LIFE offers a mentoring program that may open the door to self-healing, find Your Hero Within, be transformed to lead others – and Set Your Soul Free!

Seed of Life
Seed of Life
Flower of Life
Flower of Life
Tree of Life
Tree of Life

Universal Energy is for…


It’s ok to be Real, to Express exactly what we feel, to Speak out – about what we want to say, to show People our Emotions, to Challenge the status quo & ourselves and always, always tell the Truth. It’s called – RESPECT.